Robert Griffin: alias  Griffanzo


    No Squirrel Nut Zipper news. Things are pretty much back to normal. I’m doing my thing in the Triangle again - that means playing piano & singing as well as teaching, composing, and recording.

    So depending on what you’re looking for, I’m trying to make finding things easy. Kind of a site map here.

-- The newest cd “I Mighta Lied To You Yesterday” is just out. I’ll have more information about it on this site including lyrics for all the tracks. You can purchase this cd and others on cdbaby as well as amazon.

-- Unfortunately this site can longer support sound files so I cannot include samples of demos of the many musicians that I play with here. We perform my originals of course but have made our living primarily by playing standards, that is to say Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Richard Rogers and the jazz standards such as Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, etc.

-- a schedule page is always current

-- a bullet list bio as well as links to well written versions of the same

-- finally some info about my TEACHING which I’ve been doing for 40 years.

-- Ain’t My Kinda Strange the 2010 cd with the Griffanzo Quartet,  was released in December. soundclips are on reverbnation

-- the VIDEO page is a link to the youtube page. This site no longer supports video so you must go to my youtube page. Girl #0024     Katrina, Katrina     Stoplight     Dubya Speak

-- Dubya Speak is the new track written by myself and Bush himself and boasts 19 different singers. also on reverbnation

-- Of course, there are photos music related, as well as family, and yes I have friends

#1.The big news is of course the release of the new cd in December 2009. With the artist formerly known as Robert Griffin, Griffanzo has released a quartet recording with 8 new original griffanzo songs sung by the composer and assisted by a cast of all-stars featuring Ray Codrington. More info on the new cd, Ain’t My Kinda Strange is here on this site

to purchase physical cd immediately,

or as a download complete with cd artwork

It is also available on Amazon, iTunes and many others.

    Another all inclusive site with longer sound clips, press reviews and a merch store is

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