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This link will take you to my gallery page with photos as well as the Girl#0024 video and all the videos from the Oct. 2010 performance at Marsh Woodwinds Upstairs

The link below is to my youtube channel. It will have all my videos.

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StoplightKatrina,Katrina (both live performances) and Girl #0024 are also on this site now!

On Nov 23 we did a show at Marsh Woodwinds Upstairs in Raleigh, the best listening room in the triangle. We - that is to say most of the characters from the cd, Ain’t My Kinda Strange, had an absolute ball. So while neither audio nor video is oscar quality, the spirit of the music definitely comes thru. These videos are being put up on the gallery address list above as well as the less reliable youtube site. Individual tunes from the show that are already up are listed as follows:  “Live At Marsh Woodwinds Upstairs”




        The new video of famous belly dancer Maqui Ortiz dancing to the music of Girl #0024 as “we” perform on the Mansion stage. The stage personel is as follows (not the real performers of the track obviously):

lead vocalist is Brad Waycaster

bassist Danny Mason

drummer IS Frank Worrell

sax girl is Sylvia the Snakehandler

yours truely handles piano and the great outro vocal part

video shooting by Josh Sokal and griffanzo with help from Alex Verhoeven

video editing by Josh Sokal

There are 3 from the cd release party and a partial cut from Taz and I at the Cats Cradle doing a  Gotta Get His Pants Back/What a Little Moonlight Can Do medley. So enjoy!

Two new videos on my youtube site:

  1. 1.Katrina, Katrina    is all about - you guessed it, footage of the hurricane as well as the real nightmare - the muggles in DC

  2. 2.Dubya Speak     a blues tune (on the Dubya Speak page) built entirely on quotes from the misunderestimated one


Here are the 3 videos from the cd release party:

Taz sings “You’re My Thrill

a live version of Girl #0024 with Carter joining the original cd band

And Jackie Thomas doing a duet with Taz on “God Bless the Child”!!!


Girl #0024 is here and on youtube