The three websites;   current info including cd info, videos, photos, schedules and  which has a really great  bio by author, Steven Forrest) 
running up until about year 2000, plenty of music clips from Taz Halloween, Katharine 
Whalen, Tim Smith etc And another feature article that appeared in Southern Living 
magazine in 2005 written by Nick Patterson.
        As a quick list:
1963 studied in New Bern, NC with Avids Snornieks
1967 studied in Siena, Italy with Guido Agosti
1969 graduated UNC with music degree studying with Clifton Matthews
1970  studied one year at New England Conservatory with Jacob Maxin
1972 Syracuse University  Masters Degree in music
taught at Syracuse University from 1969 to 1972
taught Campbell University in 1974-1975
taught at UNC-Asheville  1980
1979 formed first jazz band in Asheville, Round Midnight
1981 musical director of Chez Condoret Cabaret
1982-1984 Robert Griffin Trio at Radisson Plaza, Raleigh, 6 nights a week
1984-1988  formed Proof Positive, “society band”
1987  local series of many shows with the very talented Callie Warner, doing exclusively 
        music of Tom Waits (a 60 song repertoire)
1989 tour of France with Taz Halloween
1993-2008 (15 years at 5 night per week) house pianist at Carolina Club in Alumni Center, 
        UNC campus
    during which time I toured with the SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS, Katharine Whalen 
Jazz Squad,, and 5 tours in France working with french chanteuse, Tania Carl
  1998 - also recorded my first full length cd NORTH CAROLINA: A STATE OF MUSIC,
 a solo recording; 1999 played piano and arranged the KATHARINE WHALEN JAZZ 
SQUAD cd; 2006 recorded THE TANIA CARL cd
2009 again touring with Squirrel Nut Zippers all over USA and Columbia, South America
2009 this past december, released a new cd called AIN’T MY KINDA STRANGE 
with an all star ensemble including Ray Codrington, trumpet: Frank Worrell, drums: Don Gladstone bass: Rodney Marsh, sax: Taz Halloween, Carter Minor 
and Jackie Thomas, backing vocals
All songs are my compositions - I played piano and lead vocals
    a video of the song, Girl #0024 is now on the griffanzo youtube channel 
along with videos for Katrina, Katrina and Dubya Speak
1978 to present playing many clubs in many different incarnations, mostly jazz dates but 
joining blues & rock bands and others on a regular basis, as well as the usual vast array 
of great local singers.


                    ROBERT GRIFFIN